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Comfort & Style

Are you having trouble with your current mask? Fogging up your glasses? Hurting your ears? Moves around when you talk? Trouble breathing?

This mask may solve all these problems!

It does not touch the mouth and allows you to breathe, talk, and helps keeping the interior of the mask clean.

This mask does not fog up your glasses and removable nose wire (only in adult sizes) can easily be adjusted to your needs and comfort.

Soft T-shirt yarn ear straps are adjustable and soft to touch, makes it easier to wear it everyday, and long hours.

The mask consists of 3ply 100% cotton and available in over 70 prints!

SaSa Kootenay considers the comfort to be the number one priority. Better fit and comfort of the mask keeps you from frequent adjusting.

Now offered in 6 sizes and wide variety of prints to match your needs and personality!

Handmade in BC, Canada.


Best Masks in the Kootenays!

These masks are very well made and the design is perfect! They are very comfortable to wear, even for long periods of time. I especially love the nose wire which prevents glasses from fogging up and is easily removable for washing. The huge selection of patterns is an added bonus! 

I definitely recommend these masks over many other I have tried. 


I love your masks, and I’m glad I discovered them. I work as a waiter six days a week from morning until night, and I am masked the whole time. It’s not ideal, but I’ve gotten used to it after several months. 

I’ve bought many masks since we were in Asia in the winter, and yours are one of the only ones that fit my face. And they’re beautiful. 

I get lots of compliments on the ones I already have, and I have referred you to multiple people. I hope they bring you some sales. 

I wish you success and well being. 

L. C.

These masks are WONDERFUL.

1. I wear glasses now and the way they sit on your nose and face they don't fog them.

2. They sit on your face in a way that I don't feel them touching my mouth, yet they fit like they are supposed to.

3. They don't hold heat and moisture the way all my other masks do, meaning I'm not feeling overheated and needing to touch and adjust it like we are not supposed to.

4. My son who is autistic can wear them without touching his face as much (we are working on it)

5. The ear strings are so comfy and don't hurt my ears.

I highly recommend these masks over others I have tried.

S. S.